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As audacious a claim this as this may sound, it happens to be accurate. Some of the most successful marketing campaigns in modern history include Jeff McNeal's voice. One notable example is Disney's "Frozen" trailer, which features Jeff's rich resonant story-telling voice in the opening moment. The film earned roughly two billion dollars for parent company Disney in worldwide ticket sales. Considering Jeff's voice was the first thing to introduce this movie to the world, it underscores the adage "You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

Another, even more startling example was when the nation's largest retailer,, was launching one of their biggest nationwide advertising campaigns for the most important time of the year for sales, the voice they chose to represent their brand was Jeff McNeal. A master of versatility, Jeff's subtle comedic approach perfectly suited Amason's nationwide "Black Friday Deals Week" marketing campaign which reportedly earned the company 11.1 billion dollars in sales between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. Jeff McNeal has been the voice hired by other billion dollar companies as well. Caterpillar, Ben & Jerry's, KFC, McDonald's, Budwieser - and the list goes on and on.

Will hiring Jeff McNeal to voice your next commercial campaign translate into billions of dollars in revenue? There's no way to know for certain - his voice is just a very public part of the mix - but what can be said with complete certainty is that when you want a voice you can trust with your most mission-critical marketing or advertising needs, you might consider placing your trust in Jeff McNeal, just as so many others have, to increase your odds for success!

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